Web Design & Maintenance

Think of a website as an employee who works 24/7/365 to promote your business with no lunch breaks, no sick days and no holidays.

Doesn’t yours deserve a promotion?


The need for good Web Design

Today more than ever a website is a vital part of any business.

The world has never been smaller and consumers can access almost the entire recorded history of our planet from the comfort of their
deskelevatorstreetbuscar (naughty)living roomkitchenbedroomtoilet

...you get the picture.

Functional, Mobile Responsive Design

As standard

Your website should adapt to your customers, not the other way around, and we don’t charge extra for it. Whether browsing on a computer, smartphone or tablet your Inspyre website will resize and rearrange itself to fit.

Viewing from a mobile device?
Told ya so 😛

Hassle Free


If you’ve got a logo, some photos, and written content, that’s all we need to get your website up and running. If you need a hand with these things then that’s not a problem – we can help with all of it.

We’ve got writers of words, clickers of cameras and magical Photoshop gremlins we keep chained in the basement.

Track your Visitors

Getting creepy with it.

How do you know if your website’s working? You stalk the visitors of course. Google are a bunch of creeps. They know almost everything about almost everyone. The good news, is that they allow us to use chunks of this info to help your business.

We do use the word stalk in the nicest least invasive way possible. Our system can show you all details about your website’s visitors: How many there are, how they got there, the times they visited, how they interact with the site, what they had for dinner. We can use all of this stuff (maybe not the last one) for refining the website and maximising your returns.

Customise, Extend & Expand

Potential Global Domination?

We can add a whole heap of sweet features to your website, including but not limited to: Blogs, Product Catalogues, Shopping Carts, Credit Card Payments, Laser Guided Death-Rays and Email Newsletters.

And if you want to integrate your website with a third party system, aint no thang, child! (not a problem) We’re pretty darn good with MailChimp, Payment Express, PayPal & Facebook, to name a few.

We’ve had great success with a wide range of one-off jobs, including gifting registries, interactive panoramas, sales tools, ordering systems, graphical data displays, and even HTML5 game design!

If what you need isn’t on our list of additions, we can make it especially for you.

Quality Hosting & Helpful Support

A good website needs good hosting and good customers deserve good support.

In order to ensure speedy, reliable websites, we have our own New-Zealand based servers with an impressive amount of grunt, located in a reputable data centre with all the bells and whistles*. It’s fairly safe to say your website is in good hands.

*If you’d like some details, we’re more than happy to share these.

“And we’ll support you all the way, with free-phone and email 9-5.30(ish, because sometimes 4 o’clock comes and wine is required…)”

Keys in your hands

Want to drive? That’s fine.

Once the website has been built we can set it up so that you can manage your own content. It can be as simple as click and type. Or if you want us to take care of the updates, we’re always happy to do that too.

In fact, our level of involvement post-launch can be as attached or detached as you like. If you never want to hear from us again, we’ll be sad but we’ll understand… Brad kinda smells If you want to catch up weekly, that’s fine too, we have all the time in the world for our customers and love leaving our desks for coffee.


Websites are like cars, they need regular attention to stay in premium condition.

And just like cars that maintenance can easily fall by the wayside, so we’re here to look after all of that for you.

We can carry out any sort of maintenance on any sort of website, so get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you more information or an estimate.
Here’s some of the things we can do: Content Updates / Design Refresh / Search Engine Optimisation / Website Audit / Custom Software & Addons / plus General Web Site Related Problem Solving.


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