Marketing is not just shouting out what it is, what it’s called, what it does and what it costs.

People who think this are wrong and should be kept in cages.


Marketing is not just shouting out what it is, what it’s called, what it does and what it costs. People who think this are wrong and should be kept in cages.

The secret to great marketing is…

When it comes to communicating with your customers: Don’t shout at them, show them. Don’t tell them, ask them. Don’t preach to them, relate to them. Don’t lie… just avoid too much truth 😉

Social Media Marketing


Increasing your visibility is valuable, and social media is the easiest way to get heard, especially with today’s youth.

With social media continuously growing in popularity, it is important to stay connected. We can provide social media accounts for your business, or help look after them. Every profile you have is another path to your site, and each will generate traffic and visitors.

Email Marketing – Market, don’t spam


Email is a great, but it can very easily be over-done. When your email game ain’t up to scratch, your business will suffer, and the last thing you want is to spam people.

We’ve all received an annoying email we didn’t want to read because the last 10 were rubbish, so we unsubscribed. It’s a delicate balancing act between keeping your customers informed and annoying them. This is why we employ the quality over quantity approach with Email Marketing every time.

We can add newsletter sign-up forms to your website, and would love to show you around our favourite (and free) distribution system. With it you can view subscriber profiles, check who has received and read your emails, and even work out the best time of day to send your message.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Making Google like you.

What’s the point of having a cool website if nobody is gonna see it?
SEO is a combination of things which work to get you seen by attracting more visitors from Google and other search engines (but mainly Google… lets be honest)

You’ve heard the phrase “Google it”. Well SEO is why “Google it” is such a big thing. Google finds and orders search results from most to least relevant. The more Google likes you, the higher up their list you’ll place, and the more likely it is that people will click through to your website.

There’s a few different things involved, from tweaking the content of your website to making sure it’s been built properly and looking at your online presence as a whole. But we love the challenge of trying to get you to number one – and we’ve had some great results too.

Advertising & Google AdWords

Paying Google to like you

“Ads don’t work”
“Ads are expensive” 
“Ads are annoying” 
“Ads poisoned the wells and burnt down my village”…

Yeah great, we’ve heard it all before… Just hear us out.

This is the quickest way – by far – to get more visitors in a hurry.
If you have a new brand then AdWords is ideal for getting you up and running to help you establish a customer base.
If you have an existing brand, AdWords can help give you a substantial boost in visitor numbers.

AdWords works by taking you straight to the top of Google’s search results with small headline advertisements. The beautifully sneaky thing is – They look just like normal search results! We can target consumers by location and demographics with key search terms – an almost perfect recipe for bringing your ideal customers right to your front door.

Website Usability

Got a website, yup? Could it be better? Probably.

Websites are complicated things, and the standards of what makes a website good or bad are constantly changing. Let us get up and amongst the behind the scenes stuff of your website to find out whether your website is truly user-friendly and readable.

If you’re thinking about improving or redeveloping your website, make sure you don’t throw the baby out with the bath-water.

We’re happy to audit your existing website for free! (Seriously, free!) No strings, no obligations. Just send us a message and we’ll let you know what we think.


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